The 'Look Hard' is Chippa's secret weapon for weak conditions. The wide point is moved forward to create full speed entry while paddling on the waves and start generating speed from the front foot as soon as you take off. The main idea behind the shape of this board is speed, speed and yep you guessed it more speed. This board is best for very small and tiny conditions. The 'Look Hard' was designed with a high performance surfer in mind but can suit everyone. This model is the way to go when you desperately need to surf and there is not much swell around. Chippa surfed this model for his first movie NOW and in the wave pool in Dubai.


The 'Look Hard' is available in two different composites:

- The traditional fiberglass resin with a wooden stringer in the center of the foam.

- The epoxy resin with carbon web called “Carbon Flex” with stringerless foam.


The Epoxy 'Look Hard' is capable of flexing back on itself without breaking. The carbon web provides an unparalleled positive torque to the board while at the same time increasing break strength. The carbon strip at the bottom of the board also increases the ability to rebound more efficiently. The reinforcements are strategically placed to adjust the boards’ flex patterns depending on the type of wave.  The mix of all these elements make the 'Look Hard' a faster and lighter board performing manoeuvres with more drive and responsiveness.


Performance Characteristics

Wave Height :  1-3ft     Movability : 4/5     Drive & Speed:  5/5     Paddle Power: 5/5

Tail: Round Tail- Bat – Swallow – Square – Squash

Technology: Fiberglass – EPOXY CARBON FLEX

Rails: The medium rails give a good balance ratio while surfing rail to rail

Concave: The great mix of single to double concave and vee concave help the board to fly on flat and dead sections of the wave

Fin setup: Thruster – Quad – 5 Fins

Fin type: FCS – Futures or glassed


Height                  Width                  Thickness                Volume/Literage

5’5                           18 3/4                      2 1/8                              22.34

5’6                           19                            2 3/16                            23.40

5’8                           19                            2 3/16                            24.09

5’9                           19 1/8                      2 3/16                            24.96

5’10                         19 1/4                       2 1/4                             25.87

5’11                         19 3/8                       2 1/4                             26.49

5’11                          19 1/8                      2 3/8                             28.40

5’11                          19 1/4                      2 3/8                             29.01

5’11                          19 3/4                      2 1/2                             30.84

6’0                             20                          2 1/2                              32.57

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