Favourite Boards:

Ruff Seas & Look Hard. 5’5 x 18 3/4 x 2 x 3/16. 


Christopher Wilson… Humble, wide eyed, and softly spoken. “Chippa” Wilson… Explosive, tattooed, and wild. They are one in the same. No alter egos, just one amazing surfer.


Hailing from Cabarita Beach, Australia, 24-year-old Chippa Wilson blindsided the surfing community three years ago through a series of web edits which propelled him from swinging a hammer for his dad to becoming one of the most awe-inspiring aerial surfers of his generation.


Racking up the accolades in no time, Chippa has continued to blow the minds of his peers and fans by innovating and landing tricks, like his signature Big Spin, which had never been landed before. With a skate influenced style all his own, Chippa continues to redefine the progression of his sport.


Following his first signature film in 2010, “NOW,” produced by Analog, Chippa was nominated by Surfer Poll Awards as the Break Through Surfer of the Year in 2011. In 2012 Chippa is featured in five separate surf film projects including Surfing Life magazine DVD “On Location,” Kai Neville’s “Dear Suburbia,” Transworld Surf magazine’s “Let’s Surf Seriously,” Analog’s “Chromatic,” and the Kustom Airstrike.

 With mind-blowing flips, spins, board varials and grabs, according to Chippa in a recent interview with Surfer Magazine, “It’s all worth it when you land that one.”



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