The baked bean was designed to surf waves you normally wouldn’t. Having more litres than your standard board makes it an easier paddler and with its flat deck and slightly pulled down rails, it enables to hold in while you are carving.

This model is recommended being riden 8 inches shorter than your standard board allowing you to fit in as many turn as possible or carve out onto the face with its extra wide outline. The board features a unique double concave to V allowing you to get on rail easy without drifting..........A fun alternative in small wave surfing - packed with protein and goodness!


Performance Characteristics

Wave Height :  1-3ft     Movability : 5/5     Drive & Speed:  4/5     Paddle Power: 4/5

Tail: Rounded Tail

Technology: Fiberglass

Rails: This model has a flat deck for stability and to keep as much foam as possible. This keeps the surfer on top of the water generating speed through dead sections. This configuration puts the rail slightly down to help with rail to rail transition.

Concave: It has a flat bottom on the nose entry into a slight double concave to a vee through the tail to allow the board to get up on rail fast!

Fin setup: 5 Fins

Fin type: FCS – Futures


Height                  Width                  Thickness                Volume/Literage

5’10                         18                            2 1/8                             22.0

5’0                           20                            2 3/16                           26.01

5’2                           20 1/2                      2 1/2                             28.92

5’4                           20 3/4                      2 9/16                           31.22

5’6                           21                            2 5/8                             33.35

5’8                           21 1/4                      2 11/16                          35.61

5’10                         21 1/2                       2 3/4                            37.93

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